Kick Start The New Healthy You -

Kick Start the New Healthy You

Well the cold weather is well and truly upon us here in the southern hemisphere, and for those who have been considering a healthy lifestyle change, it all seems a bit much to cope with when we’d rather be snuggled under a blanket, next to an open fire.

But believe it or not, now is the perfect time to kick start that lifestyle change, especially when the ideal “kick start” Winter Yoga Retreat is just around the corner.

Sometimes all we need to get motivated is the promise of an amazing getaway to recharge the batteries and learn a new or re-ignite an old, health-conscious, skill, and that is exactly what you will find at the Karma Studios upcoming winter Yoga retreat.

This retreat isn’t all about Yoga though; there is meditation, an Art or Music workshop, a gourmet chef preparing and presenting gourmet organic vegetarian food with the emphasis on Super Foods and only a small group of like minded people to share the experience with.

What you will gain from a retreat like this is immeasurable and of course you will be filled with anticipation at what life will be like when you get home. Sadly this is where many of us let ourselves down. After making such wonderful “healthy” progress we slip too easily back into bad habits and allow our new practices to slip away.

It’s important to commit to the change you are making when you attend a retreat such as this and look for support options around you to assist in your successful lifestyle change.

Here at the Karma Studio, we want to support all our retreat guests and clients in the best way possible and that’s why we offer ongoing support with our 2 month block Yoga Programmes, Massage (which allows you to stay relaxed and enjoy ongoing inner peace) and Japanese Needle Therapy (which after 6 to 8 treatments, ensures your constitution remains balanced and with an ongoing wellbeing system in place, stays that way).

So you see, whilst it may feel cold outside, it won’t take much to ignite the inner heat that will keep you warm with your new healthy lfestyle.