Japanese Needle Therapy

“If there are no internal weaknesses there can be no external attack”

Japanese Needle Therapy gets to the fundamental core of your nervous, skeletal and muscular systems to address underlying constitutional issues.

Dr. Manaka, the founder of this form of therapy, stated that ” if there are no internal weaknesses, there can be no external attack”. Targeting meridians, yin and yang, is the principal aim of the therapy.


$77 for 40 mins
$110 per hour


"I, having actually had a full block of 6 treatments of Japanese Needle Therapy here at The Karma Studio, can honestly say that the results are astounding. I have always experienced high levels of stress and anxiety, as well as physical issues relating to this like tension in the back, neck and shoulders, as well as regular dull headaches. The application of needles to my hands, feet and legs over the course of several treatments significantly decreased the frequency and intensity of my stress-related headaches and generally made my experiences of stress easier with which to deal."
Alex Jeffares

Please note that cancellation fees apply: 50% of service fee if less than 24 hours notice is given. The Full Fee is charged if we receive no communication at all. Thank you for respecting our time.

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