Customised Retreats

Create your own retreat… at our studio or at a venue of your choice

Customise your retreat and choose from the abundance of services that we offer.


  • timeoutSoothing Oil Massage;
  • Shiatsu;
  • Deep Relief Massage;
  • Perfect Pregnancy Massages;
  • Purifying Foot Spas;
  • Soul-satisfying Reflexology.


  • Luxurious Facials;
  • Tightening Belly Wraps;
  • Pampering Pedicures;
  • Manicures.


  • Deep Relaxation;
  • Inspiring Ayurvedic Talks;
  • Guided Meditation.


  • Soothing Art, painting and music;
  • Nourishing Ayurvedic Cooking sessions.

Pricing depends on the number of participants, location and treatments.

Personalised retreats are great for:

A Girls’ Night In / Mothers’ Groups / Couples / Friends / Clubs/ The Boys / Workplace / Holiday House / Gift for a Loved One

To book, purchase a voucher or for any questions regarding our retreats

please call anytime on either 9502 1044 or 0419 500 594.

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