Join us for Enchanting Evenings of Chanting.


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There is so much sweetness in chanting. Chanting stills the mind and fills the heart with love. It uplifts us and fills us with joy. It purifies the atmosphere within and without, and carries us gracefully into meditation. Whether you are completely immersed in devotion or just skimming along the surface of the sound, the power of chanting will seep through your entire being. Come dive into the pool of peace with us.

PS: You don’t have to be a singer to join us just come along and experience it!!

WHERE: The Karma Studio 194 Bay Rd, Sandringham 3191
WHEN: Fridays from 7-9pm, supper provided

1st of February

1st of March

5th of April

3rd of May

7th of June

5th of July

2nd of August

6th of September

4th of October

1st of November 2019

INVESTMENT: $25 cash

Download the Chanting Brochure