Adolescent Girls Benefit From Yoga - Yoga Therapist

Adolescent Girls Benefit from Yoga

It seems to me that each generation is becoming increasingly…
Keep Your Heart Healthy With Yoga - Good Health Solutions

Keep your Heart Healthy with Yoga

Here at The Karma Studio we consider yoga to be an important…
Massage At The Community Fair, Massage Services in Melbourne

Massage at the Community Fair

Two Sundays ago we took a stall at the Sandringham Village Fair…

Journey’s End

Well it’s been a tough couple of weeks in my life. My 90 year…
A Yoga Journey - Karma Studio

A Yoga Journey

Yoga is a very big part of my life. I not only teach 2 yoga classes…

Making Shifts

As many of you know I grew up in New Zealand, moving here in…

Yoga My Inner Space

Last Saturday I held the first Yoga Workshop I’ve run in a…

Talked to your ‘self’ recently?

Hi, well here we go - The Karma Studio enters the exciting world…