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Beating the Heat with Pranayama

After a slow start to the warmer weather this summer, we finally got the heat that many of us were wishing for (maybe just a little too much heat for most of us) and it looks like we are still in for some warm, summer days this month. A simple, effective way of cooling down the body is the practice of Sitali (pranayama). This pranayama not only cools down the physical body but can also cool us down emotionally and mentally.

Round the lips into an “O” formation. Roll the tongue into a “U”, with just the tip of the tongue sticking out of the rounded lips. (If you’re not able to roll the tongue, do this breath just round your lips.) Inhale through the mouth, drawing the breath through the tongue (as if the tongue were a straw.) Exhale smoothly through the nose. Close your eyes and focus on the breath, continuing the cycle of inhaling through the tongue and exhaling through the nose.