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A Yoga Journey

Yoga is a very big part of my life. I not only teach 2 yoga classes per week, I also participate in two classes and I commit to 1 hour of asanas (poses) and meditation every morning.

I was first introduced to Hatha Yoga in 1984 at a Community Centre in Nambour Queensland 1984. Right from the start I loved the way it stretched and strengthened my body and calmed and focussed my mind.  I felt the best I’d felt for a long time and quickly made a commitment to go once per week. Eventually this led me to another teacher with whom I did some intense one on one work. And that as they say was that – I was hooked for life.

I get such a buzz when I see participants in my classes discover that same level of satisfaction and understanding of yoga and commit to a yoga journey.  It is a journey which leads to being more in touch with the body, its energy centres and any imbalances. That awareness and balance is also reflected emotionally, leading to improved health and happiness and a greater ability to cope with stress. I cannot recommend Yoga highly enough, not just as an exercise but as an integral part of your life.

I’d love to hear your stories of how you came to yoga and what it means to you.