5 tips for staying younger and living longer

Most of us can all now expect to live longer than what our grandparents did due to advances in modern medicine and living a health lifestyle. As we age I think many would consider it important to be able continue doing the activities we have always enjoyed doing and to do this we need to focus on diet, exercise, relaxation and attitude.

Here’s five tips you might be surprised can help you to stay younger and live longer:

  1. Practice forgiveness – letting go of negative emotions like anger is important for optimal immune function. A depressed immune system can mean your more susceptible to ageing and poor health.
  2. Maintaining loving and trusting relationships with friends and family – an important factor in the lives of those people staying younger longer.
  3. Drink more tea (especially green and rooibos) –  for an antioxidant boost to help protect your cells.
  4. Add cinnamon to your diet – cinnamon provides more antioxidant power than the highest-rating fruits and vegetables.
  5. Keep moving – spending too long in sedentary postures leads to tightening of joints and muscles. Yoga is the best anti-ageing practice but all movement is beneficial.